Save Money, Time, and Headaches

EBlock's large light-weight panels result in labor cost savings to move panels on site. Rather than slowly progressing block by block with hollow blocks, EBlocks allow you to build more efficiently and faster in batches. This simple “LEGO” - type of installation saves labor cost due to faster and precise installation.       

Minimal formwork is required, resulting in cost savings on formwork material and labor to assemble, disassemble, and dispose such formwork.


Blocks Panels come pre-finished allowing savings in material and labor for paint works. Our wall forms are also factory pre-finished and are correctly skim-coated to be wave-free. Furthermore, no acid-treatment is required, making EBlocks walls ready to paint upon delivery and installation. 2-coats of paint works will suffice (current practice of corrective paint works due to uneven surfaces is eliminated).


Ergo EBlocks System - it is a smart, green, high speed, energy-efficient, sustainable, fully integrated building system for commercial, high rise, up market and affordable housing projects.