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The new EBlocks factory was completed in 2016, and is located at Malvar, Batangas. The one-hectare facility houses state of the art equipment, capable of manufacturing 200mm and 150mm thick wall panels and foundation pods of any size. EBlocks Shape Moulds are of 1800mm by 2000mm capacity, allowing us to manufacture large size panels. We call these our ‘Giant Hollow Blocks’. The Block Mould is 6 meter x 1.2 meter x 1.0 meter. The large solid blocks we produce can cater to many different construction applications and our own internal walls rising to 6 meters. Our computerized Cutting Machine can cut our 6 meter block to panels of any desired thickness with precision, making them flexible for any application. The factory also houses EBlocks proprietary Coating Machine which allows the evenly applied coating of EBlock walls at high speed. At this time, plans are in the drawing board to expand our storage facility at our newly acquired 5 hectare property also in Malvar, Batangas and another factory in Mindanao. We pray that all the facilities we are building will serve you well.

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