Faster . Stronger . Cooler


EBlocks is an innovative, environmentally friendly building technology, ideal for simple to high end structures, single or multi-story, including homes, schools, hotels and other buildings. It utilizes factory-built panels with a high density, expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam core, a fiberglass mesh structural underlay and a proprietary polymer mineral composite coating compound outer finish. It provides light weight, permanent concrete form for flooring design, slabs, columns and beams. Structural columns and beams are produced by filling vertical core holes and horizontal beam channels in the panels with reinforced concrete. Installed panels provide a semi-finished, insulated wall, ready for final finishing. 


EBlocks homes have been tested to withstand 300km winds. This protects against typhoons, ensuring safety during the most brutal storms in tropical climates. 


EBlocks panels have insulation properties of R Values of 24 for 150mm panels and 32 for 200mm panels compared to an R-Value of 0.85 of hollow blocks. This keeps the inside of an EBlocks home cool regardless of the heat outside, while hollow blocks almost conduct heat and provide little to no insulation at all. 


The EPS used in EBlocks is an anti-water absorption material of less than 5% of its volume, making EBlocks an excellent waterproof wall. 


EBlocks construction sites generate minimal waste compared to traditional construction sites, creating an environment friendly and non-invasive construction that also results in cost savings from waste disposal (manpower, trucking and dump site cost).


EBlocks homes protect against earthquakes due to its structure and the composition of the building system. The foundation of the home along with its reinforced concrete keep EBlocks homes safe and intact during destructive tremors.


The expanded polystyrene (EPS) used in the panel is a high density, fire retardant material. Combined with our imported polymer, Eblocks panels have a fire rating of 2 hours, compared to wood-based homes that have a fire rating of 15 minutes.


EBlocks walls are smooth and ready to accept paint without the need for acid treatment. The anti-moisture properties of the panels guarantee non-bloating paint. 


The EBlocks system allows for an efficient construction by nature of its process. Cost savings result from construction time being reduced by up to two-thirds of the normal timeline. The faster construction does not sacrifice the integrity of the building and in fact yields a stronger and more durable structure.

Our Integrated Building System



Land of project site must be 95% compacted before laying the foundation of the building.


EBlocks Pods and rebar spacers are laid to create a grid system for the foundation, resulting in cost savings with the same structural strength.


Ergo EBlock Panels are laid out on the substrate, steel bars are inserted and concrete is poured inside the insulated Ergo EBlocks cores to form permanent columns and beams / load bearing walls.

Starter bar and insertion of steel to foundation.

Pouring of concrete into cores.


- Insulated Ergo EBlocks floor panels with embedded stiffeners

- Concrete beams as specified by Structural Engineer

Two Options:

1. EPS

2. Steel Decking

Bond beams are formed inside the panel.

Floor or roof structure is installed on the bond beams.



(Load Bearing)


600   mm x 1800 mm = EB15 0618

900   mm x 1800 mm = EB15 0918

1200 mm x 1800 mm = EB15 1218


600   mm x 1800 mm = EB20 0618

900   mm x 1800 mm = EB20 0918

1200 mm x 1800 mm = EB20 1218


100 mm solid panel made of fire proof EPS and coated with proprietary fire retardant polymer based composite compound.

Better sound property


Easy to install with minimal labor

Reinforced with 30mm x 30mm tube steel

Panel is factory pre-finished ready to accept paint works or cladding.

Panels are cut from 1000mm x 1200mm x 6000mm blocks so panel sizes can be custom to sizes within block limits.

Standard Size of Panel:

600mm x 3000mm = EB10 630

EBlocks facilities are capable of manufacturing 200mm and 150mm thick wall panels and foundation pods of any size. EBlocks Shape Moulds are of 1800mm by 2000mm capacity, allowing us to manufacture large size panels. We call these our ‘Giant Hollow Blocks’. The Block Mould is 6 meter x 1.2 meter x 1.0 meter. The large solid blocks we produce can cater to many different construction applications and our own internal walls rising to 6 meters. Our computerized Cutting Machine can cut our 6 meter block to panels of any desired thickness with precision, making them flexible for any application.

Concrete Hollow Blocks Comparison

Sample Area
No. of EBlocks Panel / CHB
per sample area
Weight per EBlock Panel / CHB
Total Weight
Concrete & Rebar every core
Total Weight
Concrete & Rebar every other core

Tested  Benefits 

Ergo has done its due diligence to assure that EBlocks is a premium product. We have gone through great lengths to assure that the product is safe, dependable, and benefits all who use it. 

EBlocks has been strength tested in the University of the Philippines with our panels withstanding 50,000 pounds of pressure. The panels are moisture resistant with tests showing an average moisture of .14% with an average absorption of 7.98%. The panels were fire tested at AITECH, and were fire resistant up to 120 minutes (double the standard rating of 60). AITECH also gave Eblocks a cylconic wind rating of 250 - 300 km/hr, making it durable during heavy storms. 

The product contains no wood, making it termite free, and the insulated interior allows the energy savings. The system produces minimal waste, and improves the waste management process to reduce the carbon footprint. 


(Insulation Factor)

An insulating material's resistance to conductive heat flow is measured or rated in terms of its thermal resistance or R-value. The greater the R-value, the greater the insulating effectiveness. The R-value depends on the type of insulation, its thickness, and its density. EBlocks' base is polystyrene, making it one of the most insulated products on the market.